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-Name: Anna
-Age: 19-even if i dont look it
-Location: near columbus, ohio
-Education level: i guess im technically finishing my freshman year of college
-5+ favorite musical groups/singers: anything that rocks~everclear, atryu, dave matthews, breaking benjamin, the exies, the used, bayside, garbage, from first to last, seether
-5+ favorite movies: im a movie freak~empire records, fear and loathing in las vegas, american history x, blow, spun, queen of the damned, high fidellity, gia, the mexican, etc...
-Describe yourself in 5 words: dork, openminded, loyal, nervous, vegetarian
-5 interesting facts about you: ive been a vegetarian for 4 years, im the 9th of 10 kids all by the same parents, i brought myself out of a horrible state and have gotten my life back together, im somewhat fluient in spanish, i will never be able to swim because i almost drowned like 3 different times before i was 10.
strengths-honest, loyal, sense of humor
weaknesses-super shy, scared to death of deep water

Either/Or and tell us why
-Dog or Cat: dog, i love both, but ive only ever had a dog
-Paris or Nicole: paris has the better body, but i cant stand when she talks, so nicole
-Britney or Christina: christina, im sooo sick of britnet and find her to be annoying and fake
-Day or Night: night, im so use to sleeping all day
-Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts: dunkin donuts, i dont pay 4 dollars for a cup of coffee
-Me or You: you, im always interested in hearing other peoples stories.

-When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?</b> a vet or a fbi agent
-Biggest mistake: letting a man take control of my life, and letting myself fall into that trap.
-What are your dreams and goals? i want to graduate college as a vet tech, and eventually be a vet, and move far away from ohio and have tons of animals.
-One song you could listen to for hours: theres 2, free falling by tom petty, and santa monica by everclear
-What's your favorite scary movie? id have to say the first time i saw signs i was really scared, but its one of those movies where if i watch it again itll ruin it.
-What do you think of the MOD? shes beautiful and the layout looks awesome :)

Pics & Promotion
-Put a banner or the community name & link in your info. check.
-Promote to at least 2 promotion communities. NOT JOURNALS! Show the links.
-Post 5+ Pics of yourself.
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