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-Location:Brussels, Belgium
-Education level:Senior
-5+ favorite musical groups/singers:The secret machines
the killers, pink floyd, the who, interpol, the cars
-5+ favorite movies:
lord of the rings
stand by me
pulp fiction....
-Describe yourself in 5 words: artistic, funny, outgoing, nice, funky
-5 interesting facts about you:
I'm captain of my soccer team, i want to move to NZ after college, i like LOUD music, my fav thing to do on the weekends is go to clubs and dance. i have a bf who is half american half italian...but has lived in Belgium for most his life,
-Strengths/Weaknesses: spontaneous, outgoing
-i'm unorganized, too opinionated sometimes.

Either/Or and tell us why
-Dog or Cat:love em both...but cat.
-Paris or Nicole: don't know much about
-Britney or Christina:um. Britney cus i sadly like her song lucky. dont know much about them in general though. not a mtv watcher.
-Day or Night:day, there is so much to do.
-Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts:starbucks, its all i get over here
-Me or You:you, i put my friends first

-When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up? soccer player
-Biggest mistake: letting myself get so down about moving back to the states, and having a year of hell.
-What are your dreams and goals? To graduate college, then move to NYC for awhile then work for the UNHCR in Zambia and Asia, then move to NZ and get a family basically.
-One song you could listen to for hours: First Wave intact- the secret machines
-What's your favorite scary movie? scary movies scare me sooo i dont like them
-What do you think of the MOD? she rooocks! ur goregous

ill get the pics tonight, havent been home in a long time, so no photos to put. SRY!

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