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eclecticx's Journal

Diversity At Its Finest
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This community was created to promote the diversity of beauty.
This is not your average superficial emo fuck community.
We do not judge based on what kind of music you listen to or how your hair is cut.
That is stupid and superficial.
Music is a form of art and expression, not something to be condemned for.
Hair is just hair. Who the fuck cares?
We will be tough on you, so don't expect us to be nice.

Make ALL posts friends only or it will be deleted!

ima_french_fry & thatchelseagirl

The creator of this community, ima_french_fry, is on hiatus and thatchelseagirl is taking over until the main mod can come back in September. Since thatchelseagirl can not access the member's page and edit things, the point system, member pictures, and member of the month will be on hold until ima_french_fry is back.

______isometric & iswimalil

1) You must be 15 years of age to apply.
2) Respect the Mod(s) and members.
3) Don't talk back.
4) Do not comment on anything but your application.
5) If you can not handle criticism, do not apply.
6) Bold all of the questions in the application.
7) Put your favorite color in the subject line.
8) Put "i'm glad i'm not like you" in the subject line.
9) Post your app witin 24 hours of joining.
10) Make your app and ALL posts FRIENDS ONLY!


1) Be Honest
2) Do not say no to someone because they have a different musical taste than you. If you do, your vote will not count.
3) Be active and promote. You will be rewarded for this!
5) Do not promote other communities here. If you do, the entry will be deleted and marked as SPAM!

**the point system will be on hold until september**
Promoting = 5 pts
Making a Banner = 10 pts
Participating in Themes = 5 pts
Winning a Theme = 20 pts
Participating in Contests = 5 pts
Winning a Contest = 20 pts
Member of the Month = 50 pts!

on hold till september

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click the sign above to see the promotional banners.


If you would like to be an affiliate, please contact thatchelseagirl.

Credit for this community's layout goes to the wonderful cressidas_love
Credit for the User Info banners and the first three promotional banners goes to morethanicons